Mobile App Testing


Mobile App Testing

In today’s modern world, the number of mobile, tablet and operating systems that organizations need to support is becoming a real challenge. It is important that your brand experience across all platforms is consistently strong to avoid losing ground to competitors. Often the large combination of multiple operating systems against each device makes purchasing devices impractical and expensive. Across our many clients we have been able to create a device lab to support most requirements. Test automation across mobile devices is also difficult; we have run countless proof of concepts and have a great command of tooling in this area.

Creating high quality mobile applications that the market is demanding today is a huge challenge. Proper testing ensures that applications execute correctly and perform well across different platforms and devices, providing end users with a positive experience. TalentTek plays a very important role when testing an application developed by an external provider or when it’s necessary to test an app’s quality before handing it over over to a client with very high standards.

Fast and efficient mobile QA on your schedule. Mobile tech advance overnight. Stay up to speed with mobile testing services by TalentTek.

Using tools like Monkop or JMeter, our mobile test experts can profile and tune your app, whereby detecting bottlenecks and making suggestions for improvement so that the app’s behavior is top notch.

Release more frequently with continuous integration servers (such as Jenkins) that automatically install and execute tests after each build so that your team receives immediate feedback about quality.

We have experts who focus on testing mobile UI, application compatibility on real devices across all brands, models, and versions, and app performance on both the device level and the back-end services that support it.

Automation is key for meeting the high standards that the market sets. We know how to automate in a way that is profitable over time, designing and implementing the best automation strategy for each application.

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