API Testing


API Testing

Organizations have adopted modern architecture involving Cloud services and Mobile, and the result we see is a large composite system that sits behind these simple-looking applications. The content of the message layer and business logic is very critical to the successful operation of these applications. With the architecture following certain protocols, such as XML, SOAP, REST and others, the big question becomes – how to validate our Business Applications. TalentTek offers the following API/Web services testing:

1. Unit testing – for checking the functionality of individual APIs.
2. Functional testing – for testing end to end functionality of the API layer.
3. Load testing – for validation of functionality and performance for the system under various levels of user/ transaction load.
4. Runtime error detection – Execution of Automated / Manual tests to identify problems, such as exceptions and resource leaks.
5. Security testing – Involves various types of security checks like penetration testing, authentication, encryption, and access control.
6. Web UI testing – end to end testing of the entire system using the APIs.

TalentTek differentiators:

  • Expertise on a wide range of API protocols like XML, SOAP, JSON, REST, Gdata, YAML, ATOM, RSS, and RDF etc.
  • End to end applications validation experience at various layers of the application.
  • Expertise on leading industry tools for API testing for functional, load, and security testing.
  • Automation of API test cases

API is one of the most powerful testing methodologies for code verification, finding defects, and uncovering unnecessary code.

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